Around 12 million tons of edible food are thrown away in Germany every year. The Tafel Food Banks are committed to combating this extreme waste of resources - and at the same time help to alleviate the consequences of poverty in one of the richest countries in the world. As part of a pro bono project, SEC Newgate Germany and ORCA Affairs supported the umbrella organization Tafel Deutschland in relaunching its website – with editing, conception, design and programming. The result went online a few days ago at

The Tafel Food Banks experience a new record

The work of the Tafel Food Banks has never been more important. Since the start of price increases and the war in Ukraine, more and more people have been in need: In the meantime, more than two million people come to the Tafel - a new record. According to the Tafel Food Banks, the new customers include refugees from Ukraine, the unemployed, those in employment on low income and pensioners. Many of them were barely making ends meet before inflation started. But the sharply rising costs are disproportionately burdening people with low incomes. The Tafel Food Banks support people affected by poverty while at the same time struggling with falling food donations and rising fuel and energy costs. Without the work of 60,000 volunteers across Germany, the fight against the waste of resources and the alleviation of poverty would not be possible.

Outreach for a good cause

SEC Newgate Germany and ORCA Affairs have joined the pool of volunteers and entrusted several employees with putting their respective knowledge to good use. The aim was to relaunch the website of the umbrella organization Tafel Deutschland, which, in addition to its core business of food rescue and poverty alleviation, also takes care of the digitization of food rescue, the cultural promotion of children and young people and nutritional education. In order to reach the target groups in the best possible way, the two Berlin agencies took care of the entire relaunch – from the target group analysis and the conception of the website structure to the creation of the screen design. They also organized an all-day workshop on website-friendly writing for six employees of Tafel Deutschland.
Companies can support voluntary work

Companies can support voluntary work

Michael T. Schröder, Managing Partner of ORCA Affairs: "ORCA Affairs is closely linked to voluntary work. As part of various campaigns, we supported the strengthening of voluntary commitments in Germany, without which our society and democracy would not function. It was the next logical step to also donate part of our manpower and expertise."

Tanja Schüle, Managing Director of SEC Newgate Germany, adds: "The Tafel idea of alleviating poverty with surplus is as simple as it is ingenious - and it counteracts a moral imbalance in our country. But voluntary organizations also have to make their voices heard if they want to make a difference. Our communications expertise is a small contribution to that."

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