We make you fit!

Trainings and Workshops

We make you fit: with our workshops we prepare you for different communication situations, accompany you in difficult crisis and change processes or help you to set the right strategic course for your internal and external communication.

We organise strategy workshops with you, in preparation for which we take a close look at your environment and the nature of your company or organisation.

In a moderated process, we work out together the central questions of your entrepreneurial vision and your strategic goals - mirrored with your communicative environment, shaped by, among other things, social trends, the agenda of the media, your competitors and the political discourse. On this basis, we derive what can be achieved for your goals through communication.

The result of the process is a concrete communication strategy for your company, product, association or social commitment as well as the messages and measures for your positioning and the long-term safeguarding of your reputation.

We support you in dealing confidently with difficult interview situations and in preparing for interviews and press conferences, not only in crisis PR. Those who hold their own in conversations with journalists can also do so in dialogue with employees, customers or political stakeholders.

The training helps you:

  • Getting your message across in just a few sentences.
  • To describe even complex interrelationships simply.
  • Develop examples that support your messages.
  • To have answers ready, also to critical questions.

This includes a joint analysis and evaluation, the simulation of interviews – also with a camera – as well as a summary of the jointly developed messages including video recordings

In the event of a crisis, special tact and confidence in one's own communication are required. However, the internal structures, processes and basics must also be right for effective communication in the event of a crisis. We support you in this with our crisis management workshops.

We know how to keep critical situations manageable and prepare you individually with the four principles of crisis preparation:

  • Preventing surprises: honest analysis of the crisis risk
  • Ensuring the ability to speak: preparing for the crisis in terms of content
  • Be capable of action: set the organisational course at an early stage
  • Stay alert: watch out for warning signals

No successful transformation without good communication. This sums up what organisations are often challenged to do today. Social, economic and digital changes have always forced companies and organisations to change and adapt to new realities. However, the speed at which digital innovation requires change and adaptation today has increased exponentially.

Employees, customers, investors and stakeholders must be closely involved in communication in order to maintain confidence in the development of the company and to promote motivation and openness to change. Transformation thus requires good internal communication processes. These include all communicative processes that take place between organisational members or employees of different departments and hierarchical levels, as well as between the organisation and external stakeholders.

Good internal communication ensures that organisational processes are optimised (efficiency), information can be disseminated quickly (transparency), an exchange takes place between all members or staff (dialogue), and motivation and identification with the organisational or corporate goals are created. Good internal communication also has a positive influence on the external impact and makes the own employees or members successful ambassadors of the organisation.

Together with you, we develop communication channels and a communication strategy to accompany your transformation processes with a focus on internal communication to strengthen the dialogue between internal reference groups and holistically accompany the transformation process.

In these workshops, we work with you to develop the communicative environment for your goals and messages. Together with you, we identify the interest and stakeholder groups in the media, professional world, politics, civil society (or "stakeholders") that are relevant for your communication. In doing so, we systematise the different stakeholders, their interests and relationships with each other with reference to your organisation. On this basis, we then develop a targeted communication plan to address the stakeholders.

Good stakeholder management helps to build contact networks, develop alliance partners and increase one's own political visibility.