How do you communicate with one voice and one common message?

Communication for Associations

Associations face difficult tasks. The interests of their members often diverge widely, many are competitors and also differ in size and economic power. Nevertheless, it is the task of associations to convince the public and political decision-makers with a common message. Successful association communication must therefore answer these questions:

  • What are the common goals of all members of the association?

  • What unique selling proposition can all members agree on?

  • What does the association stand for in the public and political sphere?

The answers to these questions are the focus of the first discussions we hold with associations. The result is the basis for the development of the communication strategy and measures. We pay special attention to internal communication, because an association's public relations work can only be successful if it is supported by its members.

A frequently underestimated task of association communication is Crisis Communication – under two aspects. In crises that affect the entire industry, associations are the mouthpiece and external representative. Coordination processes with the members must be set up in advance so that the association is able to act. In addition, the association should also support individual members in crisis preparation as part of its services. The development of crisis manuals, the offer of workshops including Medientrainings are examples of services SEC Newgate offers associations in this context.

Strategic Consulting

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Public Affairs

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